Crown Finals

The Ealdormere Crown XXXV finals and Crowning of their Highnesses Quilliam and Donhmail.  Thank you to Richard Larmer for recording the event and for his permission to share it.

Tidings Letter


Unto The Kind and Mighty Populace of Ealdormere, do We Quilliam the Third and Domhnail the Second sent enthusiastic greetings.

With the honour of ascending to the lupine thrones comes the gift of being able to express gratitude for jobs well done. We would like to thank their Excellencies Lidr and Steinarr for their work as King and Queen of Ealdormere. We are grateful for all you have done for Our Kingdom and are excited to carry the banner of Ealdormere from your hands. Thank you to everyone involved in the running of Our Coronation. We look forward to treasuring the memories of this glorious day for years to come.

As this is Our first missive as King and Queen, We would like to continue to introduce everyone to the theme of our Reign. We are lucky to include some of the most creative folks in the Known World in Ealdormere, and We are excited to see what people can come up with to further the theme - a Tudor Reign starting at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.



Some of you may remember a time, generations ago, when Domhnail the 1st was a proud Saxon queen, who warred (mostly playfully) with a strong Norman King. Several hundred years later, we look forward to having another Proud Queen named Domhnail, who will be carrying the Fleur-de-lis of the French Court. She will be reigning with a Strong English Tudor King, emblazoned with the Rose of the Tudors. We are looking forward to a reign filled with (mostly) friendly rivalry, as the people of Ealdormere establish once and for all which Monarchy’s star shone the brightest.


We would encourage event planners to include a structure of “French vs English”, so that we can establish which side’s glory stands out the strongest at each event, in particular having tournament entrants claim which side they represent, artisans declare their allegiance at A&S competitions, etc. We also hope that people will participate in the Tudor theme as much as possible, and we look forward to the stunning garb we hope to see at our events.


Thank you all, and we look forward to many joyous events of feasting, fighting, singing, and laughing with you all.

Yours in Service

Quilliam and Domhnail

Rex et Regina Ealdormere